Our visit to Carolina Herrera was certainly one of my favorites. I was surprised to learn that  100% of their production is done on site, in Ourense, Spain. To be able to see their factory, the women hand stitching leather handbags and pressing gowns by hand was amazing. What surprised me the most was how fast they are able to produce and respond to consumer demand—something I would expect of a Zara or an H&M, but not so much in high fashion.

We then had the chance to visit the Carolina Herrera store in Ourense and see some of the pieces we saw in the factory on display in the store (like the black polka dot gown above).

To me, one of the measures of success of a brand is to see their core values represented in every thing they do and this was certainly the case with Carolina Herrera. The store was decorated to feel like a home, with photographs of Mrs. Herrera and her daughter displayed on the walls.

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